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Benefits of Garlic - The wonder Drug

Following is an outline of benefits of garlic including using garlic as an herbal remedy to prevent & manage various ills including diabetes, cholesterol & high blood pressure.

In addition are recommendations to canada goose jacket maximize the benefits garlic & reduce safety concerns.

Garlic has been termed an herbal "wonder drug" for good reason.

Revered for centuries, from Ancient Egypt, China, Greece, Rome to American Colonists, it remains a first line of defense for modern herbalists.

Moreover, scientific studies have proven garlics effects on a variety of ills & on general health.

Health benefits of garlic

* Infections: Garlic is effective against canada goose jacket infections. It destroys tuberculosis bacterium, salmonella which causes food poisoning, bladder infections & flu virus.

* Allergy: Garlic contains compounds which fight off allergy.

* Athletes Foot: Garlic also kills fungi that causes athletes foot & yeast infections.

* Headaches & Migraines: Garlic can also help ease headaches & migraines due to its anti-clotting properties.

* Asthma: Studies show that daily consumption of garlic may ease asthma.

* Ulcers: Garlic also eases ulcers which are caused by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. Two garlic cloves a day seems sufficient.

* Toothache can be relieved by placing a bruised garlic clove on infected tooth & gum area.

* Garlic works on several cardiovascular risk factors in a way that no pharmaceutical can match.

* Cholesterol: Many studies show that garlic reduces cholesterol. Garlic improves cholesterol readings by 7 - 12 decrease, there is a corresponding 2.

* High blood pressure: Several studies also confirm garlics ability to lower blood pressure. Essentially, garlic acts as a blood thinner without the side effects of prescription blood thinners.

* Moreover, garlics anticlotting properties are as powerful as aspirin. This can also prevent heart attacks. More impressively, garlic may even help manage advanced heart disease.

* Garlics antioxidant properties help prevent cell damage which is linked to cancer. Garlic was deemed more effective at preventing cancer than other fruits & vegetables making it the herbal "king. "

* Diabetes - Garlics ability to reduce blood sugar makes it a good herb for diabetes.

* Garlic also eliminates heavy metals canada goose store lodged in the body including lead. Metal poisoning is extremely harmful especially to kids so add garlic to kid friendly foods like pizza & sauces.

* Leprosy is also improved by garlic when it is part of a skin ointment.

* AIDS patients have also seen immune function improve by consuming just a clove a day, a very exciting preliminary finding.

* Garlic relieves altitude sickness.

Therapeutic dosages to maximize garlic benefits

* Use garlic juice on skin infections.

* For antibacterial effects, consume 6 - 12 cloves per day, for a short period of time.

* Garlic, 3 - 10 cloves per day help reduce blood pressure, cholesterol & blood clots.

* Take active supplements as directed or make tinctures. For tincture, crush a cup of garlic in a quart of brandy. Shake daily for 2 weeks then take 2 - 3 tbls daily.

* Unless you dislike the flavor of garlic, it is quite easy to make dishes that include a clove of raw or slightly cooked garlic, crushed or diced. Use garlic in sauces, salads, meats, chicken, seafood, crushed on bread with olive oil drizzled atop instead of butter.


Garlic is very safe but if you are taking anticlotting drugs or vitamins (like vitamin e ) consult with your doctor before taking garlic medicinally.